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Coming to you Highly Recommended

5-Star Reviews and Recommendations

Internal Communications Consultancy, Support, and Services

Being a new business, and as a newbie to the American business world, it's vitally important to build some credibility.

What better way to do this than request some recommendations from previous colleagues, employers and clients.


It's fantastic to be able to share these recommendations from employers, colleagues and clients as they include a powerful insight into what it's like to work with Laura Hawtin, and to have Crown Rock Communications on your team.

⚡️ "a transformational powerhouse"

⚡️ "brilliant and professional"

⚡️"strong work ethic and sound judgement"

⚡️"effective, engaging, thorough and creative communication strategies" ⚡️

Let's Talk!

If you're looking for advice or support with your internal communications, or aren't sure where to start. Get in touch and I'd be happy to help. You can even book in for a FREE 30-min Discovery Call.

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