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Change Communications

Developing and implementing strategic change communications for mid-sized to large organizations who prioritize and value their people.

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From creating impactful print and digital marketing materials to developing powerful communications strategies for organizational and business change, Crown Rock Communications can help you engage with your employees, clients and stakeholders.

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Providing Marketing, Communications & Strategy Consultancy and Support services to companies wanting to effectively communicate and engage with their employees, clients, and stakeholders.


Are your marketing materials making the right impression?

Strong copy and powerful designs will ensure your communications leave a lasting impression.


Are your employees feeling informed, inspired and engaged?

Effective internal communications consider their audiences, their messaging, timing and channels. 


How is your brand represented and portrayed online?

Ensure your website and social media accounts reflect your brand personality and values.


Need help crafting your message and want it to look good too?

Providing copywriting and graphic design services to help transform your marketing materials.


How will a business change  impact your stakeholders?

Ensure all stakeholders are engaged and on board with effective change communications.


What are you trying to achieve and how will you make it happen?

Mapping out your business objectives, creating your key messages, segmenting your audiences, we could go on...

"Always highly proactive with a strong work ethic and sound judgement, Laura manages stakeholders with ease and develops - and delivers - effective, engaging, thorough and creative communication strategies for all audiences. Laura’s a natural leader as well as a great team player - and I’d hire her again in a heartbeat."

Paula Richards

Head of Internal Communications, BRE

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